seal pngSto. Tomas, a first-class municipality, is one of the oldest town of Batangas, is located at the foot of the legendary and picturesque Mt. Makiling. It is sixty (60) kilometers south of Manila and known as the birthplace of Gen. Miguel Malvar, the last Filipino General to surrender to the Americans.


The municipality of Sto. Tomas is situated on the north-eastern portion of the province of Batangas and along the Batangas-Laguna boundary. It is bounded by the municipalities of Malvar, Batangas; Los Banos, Bay and Alaminos, Laguna; and by cities of Tanauan and Lipa, Batangas; and Calamba, Laguna.


The municipality is composed of thirty (30) barangays, these are: Poblacion I, Poblacion II, Poblacion III, Poblacion IV, San Agustin, San Antonio, San Bartolome, San Felix, San Fernando, San Francisco, San isidro Norte, San Isidro Sur, San Joaquin, San Jose, San Juan, San Luis, San Miguel, San Pablo, San Pedro, San Rafael, San Roque, Santiago, San Vicente, Sta. Ana, Sta. Anastacia, Sta. Clara, Sta. Cruz, Sta. Elena, Sta. Maria and Sta. Teresita.

Population and Land Area


Mahuyog dancers during the Ala Eh! Festival

Sto. Tomas according to the 2010 Census of Population and Housing has a population of 124, 737 individuals. The land area is a total of 10,032.37 has. The municipality is mainly of agricultural domain. The celebration of the MAHAGUYOG Festival every February is the evidence of the bountiful harvest of agricultural crops in the town mainly corn (mais), leafy vegetables (halamang gulay) and coconut (niyog).



Total Population, Household Population, Institutional Population, Number of Households, and Average Household Size by Barangay: Sto. Tomas, Batangas, 2010
Barangay Total Population House Population Institutional Population Number of Households Average Household Size
Total 124,740 124,737 3 29,567 4.2
Barangay I (Pob.) 1,766 1,766 443 4.0
Barangay II (Pob.) 2,291 2,291 565 4.1
Barangay III (Pob.) 1,933 1,933 472 4.1
Barangay IV (Pob.) 2,806 2,806 718 3.9
San Agustin 2,374 2,374 463 5.1
San Antonio 9,085 9,082 3 2,396 3.8
San Bartolome 5,897 5,897 1,390 4.2
San Felix 4,388 4,388 979 4.5
San Fernando 2,174 2,174 425 5.1
San Francisco 2,469 2,469 517 4.8
San Isidro Norte 1,663 1,633 359 4.6
San Isidro Sur 2,309 2,309 491 4.7
San Joaquin 3,844 3,844 850 4.5
San Jose 2,160 2,160 495 4.4
San Juan 3,012 3,012 663 4.5
San Luis 2,414 2,414 563 4.5
San Miguel 6,550 6,550 1,580 4.1
San Pablo 5,057 5,057 1,068 4.7
San Pedro 5,202 5,202 1,254 4.1
San Rafael 6,632 6,632 1,734 3.8
San Roque 8,909 8,909 2,134
San Vicente 8,606 8,606 2,151 4.0
Santa Ana 1,358 1,358 290 4.7
Santa Anastacia 1,358 1,358 290 4.7
Santa Clara 5,046 5,046 1,055 4.8
Santa Cruz 2,104 2,104 422 4.8
Santa Elena 1,638 1,638 344 4.8
Santa Maria 10,169 10,169 2,457 4.1
Santiago 4,277 4,277 926 4.6
Santa Teresita 1,052 1,052 255 4.1
Source: National Statistics Office, 2010 Census of Population and Housing


Household Population by Special Age Group and Sex for the Municipality of Sto Tomas, Batangas, 2010
Special Age Group Household Population
Both Sexes Male Female
5 to 24 years old (school-age poulation) 48,825 24,276 24,549
Under 15 years old (old dependents) 39,046 20,207 18,839
15 to 64 years old (working-age population) 81,336 39,617 41,719
18 years old and over (voting-age population) 78,822 37,818 41,004
60 years old and over (senior citizens) 7,029 2,872 4,157
65 years old and over (old dependents) 4,355 1,674 2,681
Source: National Statistics Office, 2010 Census of Population and Housing

Educational Institutions
Polytechnic University of the Philippines Sto. Tomas, Batangas

There are thirty public schools and twelve private schools that cater to educational needs of the municipality. Out of the thirty public schools, there are twenty-five elementary schools, four highschool and one tertiary. The tertiary school located in the poblacion is the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Sto. Tomas branch.

Housing and Electricity
The Maibarara Geothermal Project in Sto. Tomas, Batangas

Sto. Tomas is domicile of numerous subdivisions ranging from low-cost and socializing housing to high-end residential villas. There are about thirty two subdivisions in the municipality. Most of households are serviced by MERALCO for their electricity needs. About 95% of the households have electrical facilities. A total of 15,702 households are serviced by MERALCO in 2008. At present, the town is host to 20 MW Maibarara Geothermal Project, the first geothermal project under the administration of Pres. Benigno Aquino III. It is also the location of one of the facilities of the Mak-Ban Geothermal Power Plant.

Communication System
The municipality has sufficient public postal service. PLDT and GLOBE are major telecommunication service providers. Galaxy Cable Corporation provided television and broadcasting services. Non-cable TV channels are accessible in free TV. Newspapers of general circulation like Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star and Manila Bulletin are available in newsstands.

Water supply comes from the community water system. Health care is provided by two rural health units tasked to serve thirty barangays with medical and dental services. Three private hospitals, one medical center and two tertiary hospitals are now operating in the town.

Garbage trucks are also available to collect and dispose garbage of the whole community. Material Recovery Facilities are also available.

The town has a public market. Class A Slaughterhouse accredited by National Meat Inspection Commission (NMIC) and gymnasium for indoor sports activities.

Peace and Order
The Philippine National Police has its headquarters in the municipality. It has a total strength of 80 uniformed personnel and 3 non-uniformed personnel.


Collage of new commercial establishments in Sto. Tomas, Batangas

Sto. Tomas is becoming more commercialized than before evident by growing commercial, industrial and business firms with industrial estates that will enable the municipality to be the center of trade and industry. Also the growing commercial investment especially in the vicinity of the public market along Maharlika Highway is the evidence of growing economy in Sto. Tomas.