Pamilihang Bayan ng Sto. Tomas is already on its 18th year of operation. It is dedicated to the service of the general public and is operated under the control and supervision of the LGU as one of its income generating economic enterprise.

    The Pamilihang Bayan ng Sto. Tomas has been a common place to visit for Tomasinos from all walks of life. It flaunts its wide variety of locally grown options from long lines of vegetables to fruits, meat stalls and sea food stalls.

    Products being sold at the Pamilihang Bayan ng Sto. Tomas are perishable goods like fruits, vegetables, fresh supply of meat and fishes, dairy products, staple foods, dried fishes, cooking ingredients and other food condiments; clothing apparel such as jeans, blouses, skirts, shoes, slippers and other RTWs; accessories like necklaces, bracelets, shades, headbands. Even brooms, dustpans and other cleaning stuff can be bought at Pamilihang Bayan ng Sto. Tomas. The market is also equipped with a parking area and restrooms.

    When buyers get starve from shopping, they can take a quick snack and savour the delicious treats being served at some stalls, commonly known as “karenderyas”, which offer complete meals at very reasonable prices.

    Despite the growing establishments in Sto. Tomas, Batangas local folks still choose to buy their foodstuff at the Pamilihang Bayan ng Sto. Tomas because of its variety and affordable prices.