The Municipal Budget Office is vital to any local government for it is the domain of everyone. The department was created long ago, from the creation of National Office, the Department of Budget & Management, with its mandate to promote the sound, efficient and effective management and utilization of government resources or funds, that goes true also with the local government.

    MBO is the office responsible for the whole budget process, like accounting auditing, it also evolves continuously. The process consists of five (5) phases: (1) Budget Preparation; (2) Budget Authorization; (3) Budget Review; (4) Budget Execution; and (5) Budget Accountability. The whole year round cycle of budgeting must be based on government policy. Budget must always be realistic and implemented as intended. The office also assures that fiscal and budget information are accessible to the public.

    Municipal Budget Office has four (4) reliable staff, committing to the public that public funds will be appropriated and obligated as planned. Reliability, transparency and accountability in fiscal management are being practice in this office as part of Good Governance of our Local Chief Executive.