A well equipped and fully functional Engineering Unit that focuses and acts on essential infrastructure needs of the Municipality and its citizens.


    To constantly monitor the over-all condition of all necessary and central infrastructure facilities in order to sustain their usefulness and to address vital engineering concerns in critical areas of the Municipality.


    1. Initiates, reviews, and recommends changes in policies, plans, programs, techniques, procedures and practices in infrastructure development and public works.

    2. Conduct investigation and survey of the proposed project prior to the preparation of program of work.

    3. Prepares program of works of all infrastructure projects.

    4. Set meetings with project contractors to discuss proper implementation of projects.

    5. Administers, coordinates, supervises, and controls the construction, maintenance, improvement and repair of roads, bridges, and other engineering, government facilities, and public works projects.

    6. Checks all materials delivered and equipments used in all infrastructure projects. Conducts routine inspection before, during, and after completion of every construction.

    7. Implements, monitors, and supervises all 20% Barangay Fund and all related projects.

    8. Resolves requests and complaints from various subdivisions, organizations and institutions.

    9. Demolishes illegally built structures and squatters as mandated by law.

    10. Attends seminars conducted by various technical and engineering organizations.

    11. Prepares and reports the status of all on-going projects to the Local Chief Executive.

    12. Submits accomplishment reports.

    13. Exercises other related tasks.