The Public Employment Service Office, PESO, is a non-charging multi-employment service facility or entity established or accredited pursuant to Republic Act No. 87595 otherwise known as the PESO Act of 1999.

    According to RA 8759, the objectives of the PESO are as follows:

      1. General Objective

        Ensure the prompt, timely and efficient delivery of employment services and provision of information on the other DOLE program.

      2. Specific Objectives

        a. Provide a venue where people could explore simultaneously various employment options and actually seek assistance they prefer.

        b. Serve as referral and information center for the various services and programs of DOLE and other government agencies.

        c. Provide clients with adequate information on employment and labor market situation in the municipality.


      1. Provision of Labor Market Information

      2. Referral and Placement

      3. Employment Guidance and Counseling

        a. Pre-employment counseling and orientation

        b. Career Guidance and employment counseling to graduating students of secondary, tertiary and tech/voc schools

      4. Job Fair

      5. Special Program for Employment of Students

      6. Local Recruitment Activity


      1. Jobseekers

      2. Employers

      3. Students

      4. Out of School Youth

      5. Displaced workers

      6. Planners

      7. Researchers